Carolers bring holiday spirit to school district offices

Carolers bring holiday spirit to school district offices

 A talented group of district staff carolers roamed the halls at the school district offices recently spreading holiday cheer. Pictured, kneeling, are Wanda Wilson, left, IT, and Toni Thompson, Human Resources. Standing, from left, are Allison Romero-Michel, Student Records, Janice Williams, Human Resources, John Earnhardt, ESE, Rowena McGallagher and Ronald Barr, Human Resources.






It is science experiment time at Gaines Academy

Science experiments are underway during Angella Bennett’s science resource class at Gaines Academy. Fifth grade students took a sixteen ounce bottle and put baking soda and vinegar in it, added a balloon on the top of the bottle which inflated due to the chemical reaction.  Pictured, from left, are students from Saphir St. Louis class Hope Johnson, Daisy Covarrubias, Samantha White, Destiny Richardson, and Gabrielle Harris.


Gaines Academy first grade students experiment with volcanos

First grade students from Lyndsey Matheny’s class at Gaines Academy built a volcano during Angella Bennett’s science resource class.  Miranda Resendiz explained the experiment of creating a volcano using modeling clay, adding baking soda and red food coloring, and lastly vinegar, which caused the liquid to come out of the volcano! Pictured, from left, are Miranda Resendiz, Liliana Delgado, Jimena Macias, and Sage Dennon.

Gaines Academy sixth grade students create fun math game

Students Jovante Briggs and Jonathan Derinor from Jackie Kendall’s sixth grade second period math class at Gaines Academy were given the task of creating a math game using all of the skills they had learned this year.  The boys created the game, as well as the rules, game cards, and pieces.  They were then asked to test the game out on some of their classmates to see if what they had created was as exciting to them as it was to the boys.  The students who played the game said it was fun and exciting.


Four Gaines Academy students winners at Fort Pierce Elk hoop shoot

Four Gaines Academy students participated in the recent Fort Pierce Elks Lodge #1520 Basketball Hoop Shoot free throw contest, all of whom “placed” and received a trophy!  Three of these students will have the opportunity to participate in the District Hoop Shoot Contest on January 7th in Lake Placid.  Scholarship money may be awarded to these students because of their participation.  Pictured, from left, are Mathieu Zamy first place boys 8-10, Karim Sulton, first place boys 11-13, Mickaela Kelly, first place girls 11-13, and Angel Zamy, second place boys 8-10.